black widow + quotes


favourite character meme ✿ two traits » [1/2] brave

You’re not going in there by yourself.
You got a  b e t t e r  i d e a ?


i had this laying around for a while and finally finished it after getting a few castiel requests ; v ; 


list of female characters on spn who got the short end of the stick and should be on the show now because they are awesome and amazing and magical and deserve better things:

  1. all of them.
  2. every single one.
  3. yes. even the pishtaco.

make me choose: margot verger or mason verger (requested by )

"I guess I’m sentimental."

[requested by grace]

We’re all going to hell
      Might as well enjoy the ride

we’ve lost ourselves,

but not each other.

I’m multitasking.