but you’re that girl
(with sharp teeth)

OTP meme: sad moments

She would’ve been raised without any emotional attachment, so that she could be the perfect like corporate leader, totally able to make decisions based solely on strategic advantage.

There are wolves, they would say. And there are stories about wolves and girls. Girls in red. All alone in the woods, about to get eaten up. Wolves and girls. Both have sharp teeth.

microcomets asked: veronika i always love your tags <3 they're so unique and introspective.

[screencaps prints frames plasters it all over the room]

thanks heaps, Claire, it means a lot coming from you; you always articulate things so much better than i ever can. <3

I was stationed on Earth two thousand years.  Just… watching.  Silent, invisible.  Out on the road, sick for home, waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can’t begin to understand.



→ scott mccall

beware. beware.


Only Misha Collins would wear a beautiful suit and tie and also bacon socks (x)



We Are Not Ourselves Live Q & A [x]