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Anonymous asked: um so i just read black widow - name of the rose because your tags on one of your brilliant edits were VERY convincing and i absolutely loved it, so thank you for that! but now i want to read more and i was wondering if you had any recommendations?

Literally feeling like I have done the Lord’s work wow I am thilled about this! I’d be glad to list some of the Black Widow books I enjoyed (or found important and insightful), but it’s by no means exhaustive and please remember, my opinion only.

  • BLACK WIDOW (2014 - Present) - Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto’s current series is the only Black Widow series (besides The Name of the Rose) I can whole-heartedly recommend. Natasha gets the most smart emotional writing and she may just be the character Noto was born to draw.
  • BLACK WIDOW: HOMECOMING & THE THINGS THEY SAY ABOUT HER - I have extremely mixed feelings about this run. But I recommend it for some gorgeous crude art, legendary misandry, and it has some interesting stuff to say about Natasha to boot.
  • BLACK WIDOW: ITSY BITSY SPIDER - Great character study on Natasha (and Yelena) and the writing handles major themes of agency and identity well; it just sucks that all that has to go hand in hand with over-the-top sexually suggestive posing and tight clothes.
  • BLACK WIDOW: DEADLY ORIGIN - Far far from my favorite portrayal of Natasha and a very questionable premise; I recommend it only for being the most recent attempt by Marvel to clarify and explore her past and introduce the character to new readers.
  • Winter Soldier: The Longest Winter #1 -14 - The story isn’t as good as the prettily noir art, and Brubaker doesn’t do Natasha justice, but Black Widow was always a key component in making Bucky’s Captain America/Winter Soldier saga captivating for me, and I’d recommend this run if you’re a fan of her relationship with Bucky.

  • Secret Avengers #16 -21: #20 is the Black Widow issue.
  • Avengers Assemble #12 -13
  • Daredevil: The Widow

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#if you could harness the power of her ‘500% done with this’ you could power a small country for a year #this show strikes the MOST BEAUTIFUL balance between people being exasperated and people respecting each other #like just because someone annoys you doesn’t mean you can’t respect them #and just because you admire someone doesn’t mean you have to idolise them #PERF.

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